"The  New Building"

In the early 1980's ministry founder Rev. Jim Bracken began construction on a Massive structure on the property of Norma aptly named "The New Building". The vision for this building was to be an all purpose building for the ministry. As time went on the ministry continued to expand but in a different way. We opened 19 other centers nationwide. This building, this vision has sat, and as time took its toll on the structure it is now in disrepair. Although the vision has tarried, it by no means has been lost! This year we took the step of faith to begin the process of finishing Jim's vision. We have hired an architecture firm on faith to begin drawing up plans to finish "The New Building". Completed this building would in essence at the very least double the amount of people that Mission Teens would be able to service and house.

Here are some initial / preliminary "artist renderings" as well as prelim plans for the completion of the building. Mission Teens is Holy Ground. It has always been about those that God sends to us, because in reality He is drawing them to Himself. We want to have a place for them. We need your help! This project is no small undertaking, and is going to take those of you who are sensitive to the work being done at and through Mission Teens to provide free, long term residential help to those who are broken and desperate. If you would like to be involved in helping to see this vision of our founders come to fruition, please contact us so we can discuss ways to help, or you can donate directly to our online building fund.